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 Established in 1992, Pallet & Timber Sdn. Bhd.  is a company  with  businesses  in  manufacturing  of  wooden   pallet  and  providing packaging solution. We manufacture various types of  wooden pallets and crates.
We  also  deal  in  unassembled  pallets,  pre-cut timber and  provide
services  to  cater  for  the  local  and  export   market.
   Our  company is  widely
acclaimed  for  our  experience  in   designing  all   kinds  of  pallets  and  crates
according  to  the  needs  of  our customers.   Pallets are therefore made
  to  the
customer's exact specifications.   A  variety of  configurations are available.

Quality is a  hallmark of  Pallet & Timber.  We  have   led  the industry with
a continuous focus on product quality and process   improvement.
    In Pallet & Timber, we believe in supplying the  best quality products and good services
to our customers at competitive  prices.  We  build   pallets  from  selected high-
grade hardwoods  and  softwoods  board  for  strength  and  durability.  This  will
provide  maximum   safety  for  your  product  during  transport and  storage and
create a long-lasting, heavy-duty pallet that goes the distance.
P&T Pallet is
durability and their long life means less wood is used for pallet replacement.  By
P&T Pallet,   you  will  not only save money,  but you  can  also  help
conserving our natural environmental source.  In Virtuous philosophy,   business
is not  the only  thing  that we  concern,   we do concern about the global issue-

We make heavy-duty pallets in any sizes you need and we are ready to custom
design for special sizes. You can count on our  pallets  as our  top  priority is to
ensure  our  customers'  satisfaction  through  Quality Products,
   Fast Delivery,
Good Service & Competitive Pricing.
    We serve a growing number of customers
as their  value-added, single-source supplier.  Working in close  partnership with
our customers,
Pallet & Timber  delivers  money-saving  solutions to many
problems associated with wooden pallet - cracking,  splitting and splintering and
other breakage caused by forklift contact, mishandling and defective wood.

We  have a  team of dedicated  and  highly experienced  professionals  who are
committed  to  supplying  to  all  our  customers  with  the  utmost in Quality of
Products,  Quality of  Service  and  Quality  of  Delivery.
   Our  problem-solving
packaging  professionals  will study  your  specific application  and  help you to
evaluate  the money-saving,  time-saving  possibilities of  your most challenging
materials-handling requirement.


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