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Why Use Acacia Timber
The Acacia  ( mainly A. Mangium
and A. Crassicarpa ) are major fast growing  tree  species  in   forestry plantation  in  Asia  and  Pacific.
Natural tropical  forest are quickly
being depleted and  where natural
forest  remain ,  international
political  and  economic  pressure
for  their  preservation  has  been
growing  rapidly.
The future of  forestry  in   the  region  depends  on  the  extent  to  which
commercial  system  for  supplying  tree  products  address the need  for
sustainable production. Plantation  forestry using  fast growing  species
has  been  adopted  in  many  countries  as  one   option  for  sustainable
supply of  tree products and  reducing  pressure on  natural   forests.

Acacia Rehabilitate Maginal Site
The Acacias is  playing a  growing
role in  this development due to its
versatility and ability  to  recapture
grasslands dominated  by  noxious
weed ,    Imperata   cylindrical  and
many degraded sites otherwise un
-suitable for agriculture or  forestry
purpose. Their  ability  to  grow on
marginal  soils  and  improve  their
fertilityexplain the rapid expansion of   Acacia  plantation  in  the tropics.
In fact  Acacia  now  accounts for more than  35% of  the Tropical  Tree
plantation. In SFI alone, out of  the 32000 ha of  Industrial Tree plantation
,  21,400 ha  are  Acacia.

Acacia enrich the peasant
Unlike other  plantation  species,  A  Mangium and other   Acacias  is a
popular agroforestry species for the local peasant because it is less site
selective and  fast growing. In Sipitang , around SGI pulpmill area , more
than 2000 ha of home garden Acacia’ were planted by the local farmers.

Nitrogen fixing, enriching degraded site
Comparing to other tree species  like  pine  and   eucalyptus,  Acacia  is
preferable to the farmers, because its is a legume fixing around 40 kg of
nitrate/ per hectare per year, thus enriching the soil.

Acacia plantation reduces exploitation of natural forest
The  Acacia  plantation  though  not
containing  the diversity of  wildlife
and tree species of  natural forest, it
contribute  greatly  to  the ability  to
conserve the natural  forest. Acacia
grow 10 times faster than the native
forest, the production from 1 hectare
of   Acacias  plantation  will  lessen
the pressure of  harvesting  10 ha of
native  mixed  tropical  forest ,  thus
reduces the reliance of exploiting the
natural forest.

Acacia- a renewable raw material
Plantation provides renewable raw material for  the wood based industry
on a sustainable basis.



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